Tupac is Alive According To Suge Knight’s Son [PHOTOS]

Tupac Shakur poses for a portrait at Club Amazon on July 23

Photo Credit: Al Pereira / Getty Images

A string of Instagram post lead Suge J. Knight’s followers to believe that Tupac is in fact still alive, and living in Malaysia.

It has been over two decades since Tupacs unfortunate death. In 1996, Tupac and Suge Knight attended a Mike Tyson fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. As they were driving to the afterparty, a car pulled up and opened fired into Tupac’s car. He was pronounced dead six days later. So, how in 2018 is Tupac still alive?

There has been many rumors and conspiracy theories that Tupac survived the shooting, fled the scene, and went to a foreign country.  This is one of the most popular celebrity conspiracy theories of all time.

Now, Suge Knights own son is stating that Tupac is alive! Can you believe this?

Knight took to his Instagram page to post a string of videos that all lead up him stating that Pac is still alive.

It all started with one simple post, “TUPAC IS ALIVE.”

Check out the string of Instagram post below. What do you think about this? Is Tupac still Alive?


Apparently, Knight was suppose to keep this a secret.