Twitter Reacts To Ashanti And Nelly’s Intimate Performance

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On Sunday (Dec. 4), Power 98.3 and Power 96.1 held their “Under The Mistletoe” concert starring Nelly, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Lil Jon, Ma$e, and Ying Yang Twins at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

Ashanti had Nelly hypnotized when they hit the stage together to perform their throwback hit “Body On Me.” Their intimacy had the crowd going crazy. The duo were considered one of Hip Hop’s power couples during their relationship back when they met in 2003 so of course the internet went on a frenzy over their performance.

A twitter user said, “The chemistry between Nelly and Ashanti never left.”

“That clip with Ashanti and Nelly is gonna have Irv Gotti fighting and screaming in his sleep,” wrote another Twitter user.

“The toxic in me is LIVING for this. Sis knew [exactly] what she was doing. Grind on that n***a sis and make him remember who his best was!! @Nelly_Mo @ashanti,” InfamousRIOT joked.

“I know all of Nelly and Ashanti’s exes feel some type of way about how much chemistry they still have. They were never over each other. It be like that sometimes lol,” said YeahJu.

“Nelly was all over Ashanti like a kid in a candy store. He want that old thing back,” LadiiJ88 wrote.

“It’s been how long since Ashanti & Nelly been together??? If they aren’t rekindling the relationship then there was no reason for them to be performing that song. We did NOT ask for that,” wrote Exquisite_MrsD.

Girll_NextDoor said, “The amount of times I have watched Nelly and Ashanti’s video should be illegal.”

“Awwwww seeing Ashanti and Nelly smiling hard at each other on stage while performing together just made my whole day. [I know that’s right],” tweeted Sanguineprs.

Haulyuhass__ said, “Never thought I’d see Ashanti and Nelly perform “Body On Me” in 2022.

“Awww Nelly and Ashanti damn [near] f**ked on stage. I know they back together. She about to be on vacation laughing with him in [five] seconds,” wrote another Twitter user.

Below are more reactions: