Twitter Reacts To Gucci Mane Releasing 80-Song Album

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On Friday (Dec. 9) Gucci Mane released his new album So Icy Boyz: The Finale. The project was produced by Zaytoven and contains 80 tracks.

The album is a follow-up to a series of albums including So Icy Christmas, So Icy Summer, So Icy Boyz (Deluxe), and So Icy Gang: The ReUp. It features Trey Songz, Quavo, Offset, Lil Baby, 2 Chainz, Jeremih, as well as 1017 Records artists Mac Critter, TLE Cinco, KATO2x, Sett, and Li Rye.

Twitter did not hold back on their thoughts about the Atlanta rapper’s latest album. ARob4u said, “I scrolled through that So Icy Boyz album and thought I was [tripping]. Gucci a wild man for [dropping] an 80-song project.”

“Yea, [I don’t know] who approved a Gucci Mane album [with] 80 songs on it but man,” Bugginjordy wrote in response to someone telling everyone to check out the album.

“I might be the only person on earth who has finished this 80 track Gucci Mane album,” Drakesoldmore admitted.

“Gucci Mane has been in his IDGF era ever since he fixed his smile with those porcelain veneers. He dropped an 80 song album … almost [four] hours,” tweeted Nino_senong.

“I [thought] Anuel dropping 33 songs was crazy but this man Gucci just dropped 80. We eating [for real],” another Twitter user wrote.

“I’m sorry, Gucci Mane, I am not listening to 80 songs like that,” 5ithGen said.

“Gucci Mane has dropped an album consisting of 80 songs. 80 SONGS???? It is almost [four] hours long. The album is longer than a Marvel movie or an Indian movie. And all songs are dope though,” said TakouJordan1.

“Gucci mane got 80 songs…I’ma listen to 15 secs of each and choose my top 5 cause who has time,” wrote another Twitter user.

“I decided I’m gonna listen to Gucci Mane’s new album during my drive back to Kansas. I NEED to know why it’s 80 songs,” Aieexie wrote.