Two Dead In Shooting At Central Michigan University Shooting

Somerville MA  High Students Walk Out To Protest Gun Violence after Parkland shooting
(Photo Credit: Craig F. Walker/Getty Images)

Another day, and unfortionatly another school shooting.

Two are dead after an alleged gunman shot two people in a dorm room at Central Michigan University earlier today (March 2). Reports say that the two dead are not students, and that a domestic situation may have been the cause of this attack.

The gunman is currently at large, and the campus is currently locked down as they look for a 5’9,19-year-old black male who was allegedly wearing yellow mustard jeans and a blue hoodie.

This comes in the middle of a big debate in this country about gun laws following the Florida school shooting two weeks ago which has resulted in Dick’s banning the sale of assault rifles and stores such as Walmart raising the age to 21.

We will update you with more information as it becomes available.