Two Jurors Excused In Trial Of Derek Chauvin Over Murder Of George Floyd After City’s $27m Settlement

’Black Lives Matter' protest in London to show anger for the unlawful killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis
Photo credit – WENN

After Minneapolis announced they’d give the family of George Floyd $27 million, two jurors were excused from Derek Chauvin’s trial. 

Judge Peter Cahill of Hennepin County said the civil settlement announcement in the middle of jury selection was “incredibly prejudicial.” 

Last week, Judge Cahill asked jurors if extensive news coverage would affect their ability to serve impartially. One juror was excused due to their experience with the Minneapolis Police Department and their views on them. Another was let go after he said he was shocked at the amount of the settlement. He also admitted it would be hard to remain impartial.

As a result, Judge Cahill retained five of the remaining jurors. The search continues for seven more jurors. Judge Cahill is considering delaying the trial, starting on May 29, or moving it to another city where media coverage won’t be too influential. The Independent reports Judge Cahill said the jury wouldn’t be sequestered any sooner than deliberations or give the defense more jury selection strikes due to the settlement.

The court will also rule on March 18 if the defense can include Floyd’s 2019 arrest details. Judge Cahill previously rejected it, but he said he’d consider new arguments that made the arrest admissible. 

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