VR Teaching Prison Lifers How To Rejoin Society… Are They Ready For Self Checkout? [VIDEO]

Samsung Gear VR at Samsung & Forbes Virtual Reality Panel

[Photo Cred: Dia Dipasupil / Staff]
So clearly Me being me, I gravitated to a technology issue like this, rejoining society with money management and computer skills, BUT VR showing the way the world has changed so much in the last 20/30 years;

LMAOOOOO, at the 2:35 mark, the inmate asked if the store trusts ppl at a self check out, I swear I could almost see it on the Prison workers mind; ‘uh oh, this guy asked about a self check out, he’s gonna take groceries, what do I tell him’, what did he say; ‘yeah, they do, you know theres often someone standing around’… No theres not, and that guy is gonna figure that out… But more than likely, he’s not going back for groceries!!