YES! New Chance The Rapper Album Coming This Week! [VIDEO]

Chance The Rapper
(Photo Credit: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Chance the Rapper is going to be gracing his fans with tons of new music.

He has already announced a duel album with Childish Gambino, and another one produced by Kanye West. With his appearance at the Special Olympics we are getting a brand new project by the rapper.

“I got that feeling when people do something that has a new feel to it,” Chance told the Chicago Tribune. “I’m excited for everybody to get that. It’s going to come out just in time for the Special Olympics. We’ve just started making it, but I don’t want to manipulate the situation and impose any time frame, because that can hinder you.”


He hasn’t set a date for it yet, but it could drop at any time.

UPDATE: It looks like we won’t be getting an album afterall.