You Down? Ari Lennox + Jhene Aiko Talk About Planning A ‘Detox Retreat’  

Ari Lennox performs at BET Essence Festival Weekend – House of BET at Il Mercato on July 05

Photo credit – Ryan Theriot/Getty Images for BET Essence Festival Weekend/GettyImages

Whether you’re having a city or a hot girl summer, detoxing is always a good idea.

“Shea Butter Baby” singer Ari Lennox put it out there on Twitter that she wants to create her own detox retreat. This would involve 21 days with no meat, sugar, or starch. She also suggested a therapist would be there and some activities would include meditation and “puppy kissing.”

Jhene Aiko chimed in and suggested “sound bowls” and “kittens.” New mom, Kehlani joined the conversation and asked if babies would be allowed and Ari is cool with it.

One user asked if she could bring weed and Ari said: “yea, it’s life.” Take a look: