Yung Bleu Attempts To Get His Wife Back Following Cheating Scandal

Yung Bleu has made an attempt to get back in his wife back after recently admitting that he flew out another woman out.

On Tuesday (Sept. 5), the “Love In The Way” singer took to social media and issued a heartfelt apology to his wife, Tiemeria. “I would like to publicly apologize to my wife,” he wrote on Twitter. “I will never get on the internet and bash you no matter what you say out of hurt. You’re such a good woman, solid, rare, and I love and appreciate you.”

“It’s a lot that this industry bring. It’s a fast life. And sometimes as men we fall short of what’s right! But I’ll never be stupid enough to lose what’s best for me! Hope this message reaches you somehow,” Yung Bleu continued. “Giving everything else to God from here back to the music and enjoying the love of my fans on tour! Family over everything [flexed bicep emoji].”

Tiemeria has yet to publicly respond to the Alabama native’s apology, which has since been deleted.