Yungeen Ace Arrested In Jacksonville Beach With 7 Guns

Yungeen Ace
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Police arrested Jacksonville rapper Yungeen Ace in Jacksonville Beach on Monday night for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. Although Bullard was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday afternoon, he decided to waive his first appearance.

According to the arrest report, police pulled over a rented SUV that Bullard was riding in after the driver failed to stop at a four-way intersection. The police arrested the driver for operating a vehicle without a valid license. The officers called for backup immediately after discovering that the driver and passenger were documented gang members.

The vehicle contained a total of six passengers, raising concerns about the potential for escalation or danger. This prompted the decision to call for additional support from law enforcement.

Subsequently, during the search of the black Chevrolet Suburban, officers discovered seven loaded and chambered guns. As the investigation continued, an officer observed a black rifle on the floorboard. Additionally, officers found a blue bag in the second row containing a Draco pistol and another handgun. Bullard sat in the back middle seat, within reach of these items, leading to the detention of Bullard and the other occupants. Authorities arrested Bullard after discovering that he was in “constructive possession” of three handguns.

The report revealed that they found one of the semi-automatic guns loaded with armor-piercing rounds. Bullard, 26, became well-known in Jacksonville after surviving a shooting in 2018 that resulted in the deaths of his brother and two others near the St. Johns Town Center. Bullard was the sole survivor. Following the rap concert in Waycross, Georgia, another member of his group tragically lost their life.

Reports indicate that Bullard has been residing in Houston for the past few years. He has ties to the Robinson family and the suspected violent drug gang ATK. Members of the ATK gang, including rapper Ksoo (Hakim Robinson) and Abdul Robinson Jr., are awaiting trial for murder. Abdul Robinson Sr., who is allegedly the gang’s leader, has pleaded guilty to being an accessory. He has agreed to testify against his sons in court.