Action Bronson Flows BARS in #Freestyle065 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Hot 97 Freestyle #65 with Funk Flex and Action Bronson

Of course RIP Prodigy, we always recognize that, clowns with paint may not but we do.

Fuck That Delicious is one dope AF show, the food… heaven for a fat bastard like myself… but you know what’s better than that.. well yes credit but Action Bronson’s Bars, and that’s what we’re hear for!!

Bam Bam Never disappoints, and he ‘smiled for my Selfie’…

but this feels like the last time he’s coming to freestyle, he has come up and killed it 3 times already, and he’s doing some really dope sh*t out there! But also… He’s back, Queens is in the building, so who knows