ANOTHER Woman Speaks Out Against R. Kelly & Tells Her Story [VIDEO]

R. Kelly performs at The Bass Concert Hall on March 3
(Photo Credit: Rick Kern/Getty Images)

The number of women speaking against R. Kelly are beginning to grow. 

Earlier this year, a bombshell report from Buzzfeed revealed that the singer is allegedly holding women in some kind of cult in which is was reported that he was mentally, and physically abusing different women. 

A girl by the name of Kitti Jones is the latest to speak out in an interview with Inside Edition

After meeting him at a party, he allegedly slipped her his number where she then contacted him and later became involved with the singer. 

“When you come see me don’t wear clothes like that,” she recalls in the interview. “He also asked that she stand whenever he entered the room, according to Jones. Even with what she already knew, she quit her job and moved to a compound owned by Kelly in Chicago. There were other women living there too, but she says they were forbidden to communicate with each other. The ladies lived in separate suites. Jones claimed it was a virtual prison.”

She also recalled his controlling nature.  

“We had to ask to go to the bathroom, [and] ask if we could order food,” she said. “The way he would do me is slapping around. I got tossed around, kicked, starved.”

Watch the full interview below.