October 9, 2017

Cassie On Marriage, Dealing w/ Rumors & ‘Love A Loser’ [VIDEO]

Ebro In The Morning
Cassie On Marriage, Dealing w/ Rumors & ‘Love A Loser’ [VIDEO]

Cassie came to hang out on Ebro in the Morning and discuss some brand new music and her new short film at Hot 97.

She addressed some of the gossip that has been going on lately between her and her longtime boyfriend Diddy. The artist reveals that she is still “glad” people say her name after all of these years.

As of marriage between the couple in which she did reveal that they have a “certain type of relationship” where they are less worried about marriage, yet would like to have it in the right situation.

She also spoke on a brand short film recently released which is a love story between a dysfunctional couple. This will accompany some brand new music win in which she’s not quite sure when it would be released. Watch Cassie here.

Check out the brand new interview below.