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April 19, 2017

Cleveland Facebook Murderer Steven Stephens Was CAUGHT Because Of McDonalds

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Cleveland Facebook Murderer Steven Stephens Was CAUGHT Because Of McDonalds
(Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
It looks like Steve Stephens had one fatal flaw in his attempt to run away from his crimes.
The man was the subject of a nationwide manhunt for murdering 74-year-old Robert Godwin SR and posting it on Facebook.
So how was Stephens found after two days?
He showed up at the drive-thru of a McDonalds in Erie, Pennsylvania on Tuesday afternoon. The workers recognized him and decided to call 911. He reportedly ordered a 20 piece Chicken McNuggets and fries.
Fresh. Hot. McDonalds Fries. Even stone cold killers can’t resist apparently.
According to an interview with GoErie, the McDonald’s interviewed
DuCharme said Stephens ordered 20 chicken nuggets and a basket of fries, but that the workers held off on delivering the fries to delay Stephens. He said Stephens got the nuggets.
“We told him his fries were going to be a minute,” said Henry Sayers, the restaurant’s manager.
Said DuCharme: “I am pretty sure he figured out that we were on to him. He didn’t want to wait for his fries.”
As for the $50,000 reward? It looks like the workers have a chance to get it. The City of Cleveland issued a statement on it, “in the event a reward is issued by Crime Stoppers, it will handled through their regular protocol. We will not receive information on who gets the reward as it is anonymous.”
Oh. He never got the fries either.
Our prayers go to the families of those impacted by Stephens’ actions.