Flight Attendant Saves A Young Teen From Human Trafficking [VIDEO]

Air Plane on runway

Photo Cred: Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images

Shelia Frederick is now being called a hero after helping a young woman escape human trafficking. The woman says she got a feeling that something was not right being that the young girl just looked like she had been through a lot and the man she was with was well dressed and spoke for the young lady.

Frederick said,

“Something in the back of my mind said something is not right,”

She motioned to the girl to say she had to use the bathroom where she had left a note. The young girl wrote on the note that she needed help. Authorities were called and coming to find out, the young girl was a victim of human trafficking. Andrea Hobart, Airline Ambassador trainer and Alaska Airlines flight attendant says,

“One part of our training, and it’s the difficult part, but once we report it, we’re supposed to let it go. Even though it’s hard to let it go, you transfer it into the hands of the authorities and they’ll pursue the case.”