June 20, 2017

Funk Flex Presents Dj Mell Starr in #5MinutesOfFunk009 [VIDEO]

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Funk Flex Presents Dj Mell Starr in #5MinutesOfFunk009 [VIDEO]

It’s been a sec since we’ve dropped a culture pure piece like #5MinutesOfFunk but we always have Hip Hop at the top of mind! We’re back with #5MF009, Harlem’s own Dj Mell Starr came up to show skills and knowledge!

Dj Mell Starr aka No Head Phones in Harlem aka The Most Dangerous, is actually as official as they come, rocked with DJ’s like Ron G, DJ Hollywood, DJ Chris Love, Kid Capri, DJ Chuck Chillout, Biz Markie and Q-Tip, but started out with the likes of Tony Humphries, Tedd Paterson, Dj Masia and Little Louie Vega, and if you don’t know, that’s 2 genre’s of OFFICIAL!!!

Of Course stay tuned to more of Culture FACTS coming out of our camp…. Who’s as official in the culture…. US that’s who!!!!