November 14, 2017

Funk Flex Presents Dj Precision in #5MinutesOfFunk014 [VIDEO]

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Funk Flex Presents Dj Precision in #5MinutesOfFunk014 [VIDEO]

Only REAL DJ’s or those Really interested in the real craft of DJ’ing even need look at this series, and a skilled DJ like DJ Precision, you’re not ready to even ingest this IF you’re looking for the details!! The Cuts/scratches, which Some DJ’s in 2017 say doesn’t matter anymore, which to me sounds tarded, but it takes REAL SKILL, and without REAL SKILL, how can you be proud of what you do?? Anyway, check out Dj Precision, one of the original X-ecutioners, he’s SO NICE, he used Vinyl and Serato at the SAME TIME:

Hit him on Social Media and tell him how DOPE he is, then hit us if you know a DJ with Skills that wants to be seen!!!