Hold Up! Is Kendrick Lamar Coming Out With ANOTHER Project On Sunday?

Kendrick Lamar performing
(Photo Credit: Rick Kern/Getty Images)

Could Kendrick Lamar have more in store that we don’t know about?

What if in a perfect world (as a K. Dot fan), he has more in store for the weekend? The internet is currently debating that theory as they point to rumors that might give some hope.

According to a thread on Reddit and new project could be released on Sunday on Nation. Yes, I used Reddit as a source, but this is all theory and not fact.

Today (Apr 14), happens to be Good Friday. If released on Sunday, that would make his resurrection on Easter. If named Nation, put them together and you get Damnation.

Get it?

Other theories include the cover to DAMN which has two different looks, and the “M” in DAMN being directly over his head, while the “O” in Nation would be over Kendrick’s head. A devil/angel analogy.

What do you think?

Listen to DAMN. below.