November 13, 2017

Iman Straight Spits in #Freestyle085 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Freestyle Funk Flex Video
Iman Straight Spits in #Freestyle085 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

[Recorded at CIROCstudios]
Another historic moment on #FlexFreestyles when a professional basketball player like Iman Shumpert, formerly a NY Knick, now playing against the Knicks on the Cleveland Cavaliers and in town for a Monday game against the knicks… well while he’s here, he’s gonna drop some BARS;

He really did go in!! I especially liked the part about TiTi dancing with her breast out, at least that’s how I envisioned it. Confession, she was on the list to come but I’m kinda happy she didn’t as I prob would have been a goof around her thinking about that Kanye video in her flash dance glory(blush emoji). Any way, Iman thoroughly surprised us with his skill of flow mixed with actually saying something and NOT just letting the words rhyme together. I’ll tell you what, he might have just become the best basketball player turned rapper… ever (Sorry Shaq, he also has skills).