March 21, 2018

Jae Millz Gives BAR TALK in #Freestyle092 with Funk Flex #CIROCstudios [VIDEO]

Freestyle Funk Flex Video
Jae Millz Gives BAR TALK in #Freestyle092 with Funk Flex #CIROCstudios [VIDEO]

[Recorded At CIROC Studios]

Bro if you know NYC, Funk Flex, Freestyle, Hot97, & the internet, there’s no way you don’t remember the Freestyle On Flex’s Show on Hot97 with Jae Millz, JR Writer, and probably one of Stacks last time’s live on Hot97, it’s a classic(See Bottom). But here we are on March 21 2018, and guess Who’s back, yup Harlem’s own Jae Millz, and he lit this BE OUTCH UP;

He murdered that sh*t, don’t debate me. Ok this next piece as promised… FTR, If anyone by chance has a f**k in their pocket to give today, , I filmed it before anyone was filming up here yet, Tee Smiff and I edited it(For FuST DVD, long story), and it was on My Youtube First..(Light Brag), ok I digress(I say this every chance I get), here’s the extra treat;