Kevin Chiles & Flex Talk Early Crack Era, Alpo & Rich Porter, AZ, Snitch Vs Witness and More [VIDEO]

Kevin Chiles with Funk Flex in Hot 97 Studio

A debate on line that’s been happening in part of the urban community for over a decade strong, specifically in ‘the streets’, or the criminal underworld, and Mr. Kevin Chiles can put some clarity on the subject, Snitching that is. In 1994 Kevin Chiles got locked up with a ‘Kingpin Charge’, and was locking at ‘Natural Life’ (which means until the day he dies), got a hung Jury twice, then got a deal he could live with, all while NOT snitching;

The deal he took wasn’t just for himself, but for people in his team to get better time too. All in all, his story is extraordinary, starting young, with limited resources, building an empire, and again like Flex said we do NOT condone Drugs, using or selling, but in this country, really in the world, we respect, sometimes even relish the gangster, and Mr Chiles ran with the best(worst?) of them. Kevin Chiles served his time, paid his debt, came home and put his hustle into Don Diva Magazine proving it’s the hustle, not the product. S/O Delson Holloway, Don Diva Executive Vice President and an OG with his own resume from the streets, and pure gems to drop!