January 26, 2017

Lady Luck Kills It; BARS in #Freestyle038 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

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Lady Luck Kills It; BARS in #Freestyle038 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Fam, I’m not even gonna lie to you, this might be my new fav of the #FlexFreestyles , and I’m cool, like literally rock with them, and Pap put my name in #Freestyle027, and you have to know I appreciate that, but Lady Luck genuinely pleasantly surprised me! Although I know she got BARS, I guess I wasn’t expecting them to be So damn Hard, And I know she’s with Somaya is her bae, if they break up I’m sliding in her DM’s asap no Rocky!!! Ok back to these bars, she sounds like she’s challenging some other femcee’s, and I’m not trying to push any beef’s but a good lyrical battle would be good for the culture, any femcee’s aside from Queen Remy, looking to get their weight up, you could try :-0

I’m gonna go ahead and say it before you do, IF y’all do, yes she had her phone in her hand, but that just proves she wrote her own BARS aka Roseanne BAR!!!