Lamar Odom & Tristan Thompson Reportedly Had To Be Separated After Confrontation At Khloe’s House

Khloe Karddashian

Photo Cred: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

According to a source close to Khloe Kardashian, her current boyfriend of Tristan Thompson and her Ex, Lamar Odom, had to be physically separated after a meeting between the three of them didn’t go as planned.

The source said that Khloe hoped Tristan and Lamar meeting could be beneficial to everyone involved.

“Khloe arranged for the guys to meet at her home a few weeks ago, because she wants to stay on good terms with Lamar and thought he and Tristan would keep things civilized,” said an insider to RadarOnline.

A source close to Odom, 37, “rocked up with a couple of his buddies” and what was supposed to be a laid back meeting got ugly quick.

“She didn’t count on how snarky and hostile Lamar was going to be, plus how super-protective Tristan acted in return,” said the insider. “Lamar’s friends had to pull them off each other once things got really bad. Khloe now realizes they can’t be in the same room ever again.”

Lamar has voiced that he isn’t over Khole and how their marriage ended.  Hopfully the Cavs star has his head focused on the upcoming playoff’s and not the drama surrounded dating a Kardashian.