Matt Barnes BFF Pleads Guilty to Smashing A Woman In The Face With A Bottle Durinf Nightclub Brawl

Matt Barns in #22 Kings Jersey playing in game against Wizards

Photo Cred: Rob Carr / Getty Images

The woman who allegedly fought alongside Matt Barnes in a NYC nightclub brawl back in December has pled guilty to assault. The woman, Laura Closure aka Mae West, is one of Matt’s BFF’s and was with him and DeMarcus Cousins the night they went to Avenue nightclub on December 5. Officials said, not only was Closure involved in the brawl but she smashed a bottle in a woman’s face.

According to TMZ Sports, Closure pled guilty to third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and has been ordered to complete eight days of community service.  If she completes the community service and stays out of trouble for six months, she will be allowed to re-plead to a lesser charge with a conditional discharge.

As for Barnes, he’s due back in court in June for his third-degree assault charge stemming from the same incident.

Yikes! Sounds like a messy situation!