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August 25, 2022

Meechy Darko On Former Music Group ‘Flatbush Zombies’ + New Album!

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Meechy Darko On Former Music Group ‘Flatbush Zombies’ + New Album!
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Brooklyn-bound rapper Meechy Darko talked about his new album, his journey becoming a solo artist, and his former group, Flatbush Zombies with HOT 97’s DJ Drewski. 

Right before this interview, Darko presented the DJs with his newest bars at HOT 97’s DJ Mixer Meeting. As intimidating as this may sound, Darko shared with Drewski that he wasn’t nervous. Instead, he said, “Listen to the music. Tell me how you feel. Give me your criticism. If you don’t like it, I’m not hurt. ‘Cause it’s music, it’s art. You will make more paintings and keep making more.”

Meechy is well-known for his long rap records in the hip-hop community. Because of this, some people may enjoy his impactful verses while others think that his track is too long. However, Meechy explains that as an artist, it is crucial to not compromise your talents just because everyone else is producing shorter tracks. 

As an upcoming solo artist, the rapper addresses the controversy about potential beef between him and the members of his former group, Flatbush Zombies. It took Darko ten years to finally go back onstage. Fortunately, the trio is cool with each other – but the group is interested in making their own music. 
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