Pete Rock And Waka Flocka Have Words About Hip Hop Status [VIDEO]

Pete Rock attends Hip Hop Karaoke 10th Anniversary Party 2017

(Photo Cred: Isaiah Trickey / Contributor)


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Before I really start this post, I must declare I am biased as Pete Rock BUT aside from that fact, I agree with him even if I didn’t know him!! Now, no disrespect to Waka, but I did see a clip where Waka said his ‘credibility’ was just as good as legendary rappers then blamed the older generation for ‘not showing his generation’ how to create good hip hop…. all of which became a meme in it’s self as it seemed pretty ridiculous,


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Keep in Mind, Pete has been on a but of a campaign against Mumble rappers as of lat;


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So he ‘came at Waka’ directly;


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So Wake answered;


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and I like generally like Waka, one of the few young mumble rappers(I don’t know if you consider him that but sometimes I don’t know what he’s saying) I do like, but what he was saying here was beyond a reach being there was a standard set for a couple generations now. Enter Legendary Pete Rock, he’s saying in a rant type of way that these younger generational artists have no right to compare themselves to legendary artists just because some records streamed in a time when all a listener has to do is open a stream and listen. Back…yes Back, everything is not ‘rn’, Back when Jay Z, Nas and whoever else Waka mentioned he was as good as, Made music, it changed life, to the point it’s still affecting some, which is why they are legendary, but I can’t really remember Waka’s bars, and it has no affect on my life other than shaking the ass of a chick who’s ass I like to see shake…. Do you remember Waka first Album title, or how many Albums Waka has had?? Only way I don’t remember how many albums Jay and Nas had is because they’ve had too many dope. I like Waka, before EDM, making some good energy records, but bruh you compared yourself to HOV and God’s Son, like really????!?!


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