Playboi Carti Talks Being A Mystery, Respecting ‘Older’ Artists & Shares His Influences [VIDEO]

Playboi Carti in Hot 97 Studio

Playboi Carti came through for a rare interview with Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97.

The rapper spoke to Rosenberg and Laura Stylez about his upbringing, how he got into music, mumble rap, criticism and more.

He revealed why he was so much of a media to keep this “mystique” around him. His mother didn’t initially understand what he wanted to do with his music career but is loving it now that she saw him and the love that he was getting.

Playboi Carti also discussed music and he debate between newer and older artists. He explains that he has respect to older artists and gives credit to some of the ones that influenced him throughout the years.

Check out his full interview below.