Tomi Lahren Gets Suspended After Abortion Comments

Pro Life protest with women holding signs reading I am the Pro-Life Generation

Photo Cred: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The host of The Blaze, Tomi Lahren is best known for TRYING to shade Beyonce and Jay-Z, comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK and speaking a ton of “alternative facts.” The host is currently in the hot seat after being suspended for her comments about being pro choice while on “The View”. Lahren’s boss Glenn Beck was not too fond of her appearance on “The View” after Lahren stated that she is “pro-choice.” She then took jabs at conservatives who were against her views calling them “hypocrites.”

Glen went on his radio show shortly after and questioned if Lahren, the girl he once hired was an honest person. Lahren took to her Twitter to state that she has “moderate, conservative, and libertarian views.” She said,

“I’m human. I will never apologize, to anyone, for being an independent thinker.”

Glen then responded saying

“Wait, libertarian views? Help me out on Trumpcare, stimulus, and executive orders. Trump is anything but libertarian.”

I wonder if she will lose her job? I guess we are going to have to keep our eyes peeled.