Why Did SZA Receive So Much Backlash From Her Track ‘The Weekend’?

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Why did SZA get heat from her track “The Weekend”?

The singer released her debut album Ctrl last week, hitting the Billboard’s top charts, yet she received tons of  backlash from the risqué track, “Weekend.”

Essentially, the song is about side chick culture with SZA singing lyrics such as, “how you want me when you got a girl,” and “my man is my man is your man…heard it’s her man too.” She proceeds to talk about how the man’s girlfriend has him for for the weekdays, but that’s SZA’s hubby for the weekend.

Twitter had a field day as they commented on her scandalous relationship.

While the Internet criticized her lyrics, SZA was not phased by the comments. Interviewing for Vulture, she noted, “in that song, I’m opting in. Like, I know you have a bunch of girls, probably. Maybe you’re not being honest with me — I just know that you have mad girls — and I still don’t care, because I didn’t want to be your girlfriend anyway!”

The artist is fully aware of the situation she is in and accepts it. She sees it as common and not something that should be frowned upon, also saying, “and like, you’re not her boyfriend, you’re just out here wildin’.” SZA does not feel bad for being the side chick because she sees it as inevitable. What does this say about her ideals on committed relationships? Yay or nay?

Although the American singer hasn’t had the smoothest run this past week, her album is BOOMIN’! Hitting the  Number 3 spot on the Billboard 200 charts last week, right behind her labelmate Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN and Katy Perry’s Witness.

The Ctrl North American Tour dates were released on SZA’s Instagram on July 5th, 2017.


SEE YOU SOON @sageaflocka

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Fans rushed to their laptops at 10 a.m. EST Friday (July 7) to catch the tour’s presale. Customers got emotional when the tickets sold out in less than an hour. They took to Twitter to share.

It’s safe to say that SZA might just have some haters because the odds are in her favor.


Written by: Alyssa Prescott