Who’s Next: Studio Session With Devvon Terrell [VIDEO]

Hot 97 Who's Next Studio Session with Devvon Terrell

Let it be known now, Devvon Terrell is not your average artist.


TT Torrez sat down with the quadruple threat musician inside his personal studio and dove deep into his artistry while learning a thing or two about the fundamentals of a studio.


Terrell ,who performed in our Who’s Next showcase in October, is a self made artist. Meaning – he’s garnered millions of views on YouTube, tons of clicks on Tunecore, mixes, records, masters and writes all of music. Plus, he directed the video for his new single “Temperature”.  Not many artist can say they have a hand in everything they create.


So how did a kid who went to school for computer tech go on to become a successful indie artist? It took a song he wrote for a friend that passed way at college to make him really take on the world of music and eventually share it through Tunecore.


Terrell explains how the music platform has helped him launch his career and get his songs out to the masses in hopes of becoming the next Ne-Yo or The Dream.  It’s done so much that he was chosen to perform at Who’s Next, an opportunity he doesn’t take for granted.


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