February 5, 2022

Queens Get The Money: 40 B.A.R.R.S.

Queens Get the Money
Queens Get The Money: 40 B.A.R.R.S.

No Queen of the Ring battler has ever had a more legitimized claim to the throne than 40 B.A.R.R.S. (the acronym, by the way, stands for “Bitches Always Respect Real Shit.”)

The Bostonian battle rapper is heralded across all leagues for her mesmerizing and expansive lyrical schemes, replete with complex wordplay, razor-sharp energy and performance, and ruthless, unrelenting personals. Her undefeated streak against many of the league’s top tier competitors (Norma Bayts,Tori Doe, Phara Funeral, and Bonnie Godiva) followed by her debatable battle with URL legend Daylyt, led many to crown her the “Queen” of Queen of the Ring. However, an already infamous “classic” between her and Jaz the Rapper at QOTR’s stacked #NHB card turned the tables when Jaz brutally 3-0’ed 40, even by her own admission.

Now, 40’s devastating loss has been attributed to the fact that she came totally under prepared, owing to the fact that she had three battles that week, but nonetheless, 40 B.A.R.R.S. was no longer
the untouchable force she once appeared to be. 40 is still one of the game’s fiercest competitors of any gender.

Her most recent battles had her edging hyped male rapper Cortez, and a non-QOTR femcee named Brisco. She was the first person to badly beat both Phara Funeral and Bonnie Godiva: two celebrated QOTR stars. Phara began to talk of retirement shortly after, and Bonnie left QOTR to be one of the first two females on KOTD (though they both still battle with the league.)

She also knocked Tori Doe out of the game for two years after ripping into her because of Tori’s glib tweets about getting an abortion. And after she (and immediately after, Couture) came full force at Norma Bayts, Norma dropped out of the game for over a year. Her reputation as a casket-closer still precedes her, and time will tell if the Jaz battle was just a rare fuck-up, or indicative of 40’s reign coming to a close.