Summer Jam 2023 – Live Updates!

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Written by: Vanesta CeToute

The day has finally arrived for everyone’s favorite concert of the year. Summer Jam 2023 is here and after nearly a decade, back in New York! For the next few hours, the UBS arena will be packed with both fans and some of the hottest artists in hip-hop. This year’s lineup includes Ice Spice, Coi Leray, GloRilla, Lola Brooke, French Montana, Fivio Foreign, and Lil Tjay. In addition, to help celebrate 50 years of hip-hop we’ve got The LOX and Cardi B. Festival Village starts at 2:30 pm, so sit tight as we keep you updated on all that goes down throughout the day!

2:30pm: The doors to Festival Village have officially opened!

2:30pm: Singing and getting the crowd excited, Silvia Reign opens up the Festival stage.

2:49pm: The “Blue-Haired Queen” Connie Diiamond hits the stage performing her hit “Pose.”

3:00pm: Keeping the energy going Connie Diiamond transitions to “Run it Up” followed by “Move.”

3:03pm: #OperationGetKyahBabytoSummerJam worked! Kyah Baby is here and on stage killing it!

3:10pm: Conan pulls up on the stage and performs his song “Snapchat” feat. Ganja Killz.

3:17pm: DJ Mike Medium is keeping the crowd lit!

3:37pm: Legendary Rella keeps things gangsta while performing “Gangsta Barbie.”

3:43pm: New York’s own Kenzo B hits the stage and has the crowd singing along to “I’m Doing Me” and “Area Codes” Remix.

4:00pm: DJ Triple Threat’s on set bringing all the vibes.

4:07pm: Philly in the building! 2Rare’s on killing it to his hit song “Q-pid.” *rocks hips*

4:10pm: NLE Choppa joins 2Rare on stage. The two are performing “Do it Again.”

4:21pm: Scar Lip graces the stage performing New York’s current anthem “This is New York” with Funk Flex beside her vibing along.

4:24pm: Lisa Evers & the Fox 5 team are backstage interviewing artists and getting the scoop.

4:40pm: Spinning songs he’s produced DJ Sliink is rocking the place as the Festival Stage crowd fills up. Up next Sha EK!

4:49pm: French Montana steps on stage marking his arrival and the crowd goes crazyyy!

4:52pm: Performing “Shot in the Party” and “New Opps” Sha EK is in the building!

5:04pm: Keeping the party going Sha EK performs “Box/Bluff.”

5:30pm: Jersey’s own Bandmanrill hits the stage.

5:48pm: Ending the Festival Village stage with a bang, Pheelz brings a bit of Afro beats to the crowd performing his hit track “Finesse.”

7:00pm: The stadium is officially open! Up first, NLE Choppa hits the stage performing “Walk Em Down.”

7:02pm: NLE Choppa says, “Thank you, Summer Jam for having me” as he flows right into his next song “Shotta Flow”.

7:07pm: Rosenberg, Laura Stylez, and Ebro introduce the one and only Lola Brooke!

7:09pm: Bringing her Brooklyn heat to the stage, Lola Brooke starts her performance with “Here I Come”.

7:10pm: Spotted in the pit cheering Lola on we see Teyana Taylor and Joe Budden!

7:12pm: Lola brings out Breezylyn to perform “Bad B-ches” remix!

7:13pm: “Im in my bag, I’m in my Telfy.” It’s Maiya the Don! Maiya gives us a quick two-step to her hit song “Telfy.”

7:17pm: Getting everyone out of their seats, Lola Brooke ends her set with “Don’t Play With it” and brings out Billy B!

7:25pm: DJ Wallah is getting the audience right, playing all the right Summer party anthems.

7:40pm: On stage we have Ebro and Nessa Nitty checking in with the audience.

7:42pm: Ebro and Nessa introduce the third act of the night, Coi Leray!

7:44pm: Coi Leray opens up her performance with her hit track “No More Parties.”

7:46pm: The crowd goes crazy as Coi Leray rocks her hips and transitions from “TWINNEM” to “Big Purr” while also saying “Free Pooh Sheisty.”

7:53pm: Combining the old heat with the new, Coi dances to both her song “Players” and Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.”

7:57pm: DJ ENUFF has the audience up and swagg surfin.

8:00pm: DJ Drewski and DJ Camilo announce Fivio Foreign!

8:05pm: Fivio Foreign hits the stage and performs “City of Gods” with the help of the crowd.

8:07pm: Fivio performs his hit track “Wetty” aye!

8:12pm: Queen Naija graces the stage! Fivio brings her out to perform their hit “What’s my Name!”

8:14pm: Fivio brings out Sleepy Hallow and they perform 2055! Sleepy Hallow also performs his “Deep End” Freestyle.

8:18pm: Fivio is FULL of surprises he brings out Lil Tjay for “Zoo York!”

8:23pm: Ending his performance on a lit note, Fivio closes out his set with “Big Drip.”

8:25pm: Funk Flex tells the whole stadium to keep their phone lights on as he keeps the energy on ten!

8:58pm: Nessa Nitty returns back to the stage with DJ ENUFF and DJ Camilo to announce Ice Spice!

8:59pm: Opening her set with “Princess Diana”, Ice Spice steps on stage bringing all the HEAT!

9:02pm: Lil Tjay hits the stage once again, this time with Ice Spice to perform “Gangsta Boo!”

9:03pm: Ice Spice tells the crowd to make some noise as she brings out Flo Milli!

9:07pm: Flo Milli rocks the mic singing “Conceited!”

9:08pm: Ice Spice comes back out and says, “I got 2 more guests for ya’ll…make some noise for Kali!”

9:09pm: Kali hits the stage singing her ever so-catchy song “Area Codes” and brings out Kenzo B for the remix.

9:11pm: You thought I was feelin’ you? Ice Spice is back on stage and wants to know!

9:12pm: While singing along to her hit record “Munch” Ice Spice receives her first gold record for Munch and thanks the crowd saying, “It’s cause of ya’ll!

9:14pm: Ice Spice dances and performs to “In ha Mood.”

9:24pm: SURPRISE! DaBaby hits the stage and for sure “Shakes Sumn!

9:26pm: Looks like DaBaby has started a dance contest.

9:25pm: A fan joins him on stage and she and him share a dance!

9:30pm: Getting close to the crowd DaBaby goes crowd surfing while his song “Shake Sumn” continues to play in the background.

9:32pm: Back on stage, DaBaby raps to “Suge.”

9:45pm: As the audience awaits French Montana he gives us all a preview of the trailer for his new documentary, “For Khadijah.”

9:49pm: Hannn! French Montana has arrived!

9:51 pm: X’s in the air for The Bronx, French sings along to his throwback song “Shot Caller.”

9:53pm Rapper Lil Tyler joins French on stage.

9:55pm: Keeping it in the throwback era, French performs his verse in the “Hot Boy” remix.

10:01pm After performing Stay Schemin, French brings out Capella Grey! Capella blesses the stage with a quick performance of Gyalis!

10:05pm: French Brings out REMY MA! Dressed in a fierce leopard jumpsuit she raps to her verse in “All the Way Up!”

10:08pm: Switching the vibes up, Remy exits, and French sings his 2017 hit “Unforgettable.”

10:09pm: French Montana performs his final song “Ocho Cinco” and exits.

10:17pm: The hip-hop legends have arrived! The Lox are here and shaking the stage up!

10:20pm: Styles P raps along to his hit “Good Times/ I Get High”.

10:20pm: Together the three rap to “Mighty D-Block.”


10:28pm: Jadakiss brings out Scar Lip and she gets the crowd going with her single “This is New York.”

10:33pm: Sheek Louch raps along to “Kiss Your A** Good Bye.”

10:36pm: The Lox ask all lights go out, and the beat drops for Jadakiss’ “We Gon Make it.”

11:15pm: The lights in the entire arena go dark and the crowd begins to chant CARDI…CARDI…CARDI!

11:18pm: Dressed in all pink Cardi, opens up her set with her hit track “Press!”

11:22pm: Cardi performs her explosive verse on G-Eazy’s “No Limit” before transitioning to “She Bad.”

11:25pm: “I’m the trap, Selena.” Cardi says as he raps along to “Motorsport.”

11:26pm: Cardi brings out Dougie B! The two perform “Shake it” remix!

11:29pm: Setting the stage on fire Cardi twerks as she raps along to her verse on the song “Twerk”.

11:33pm: Memphis is in the building! Cardi brings out Glorilla for “Tomorrow 2!”

11:38pm: Rip her out the plastic, she’s here at Summer Jam! Cardi brings Latto Out!

11:42pm: Performing their brand new track “Put in on da Floor Again” Latto and Cardi kill the stage!

11:45pm: Cardi brings out 21 Savage for a “Bartier Cardi” reunion!

11:51pm: Cardi B throws it back performing her 2018 hit record “Bodak Yellow!”

11:54pm: Switching up the tempo, Cardi B sings and dances along to “I Like It” and ends the show with a confetti explosion!

Just like that Summer Jam 2023 has come to an end. This year like every other was amazing across all boards. The fans and artists all showed up and out. We had special guests such as the legendary Rakim, Remy Ma, Da Baby hit the stage and had the crowd turnt, 21 Savage came out to perform with Cardi B and so many more. Hip Hop history was for sure made tonight, but that’s expected. After all Summer Jam is the hottest concert of the year! For even more updates be sure to check out all our social media pages. Till next year!