April 30, 2020

Tory Lanez Teamed w/ YouTube & Has “New Tech” For Artists To Do Live Home Concerts!

Celebrity Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez Teamed w/ YouTube & Has “New Tech” For Artists To Do Live Home Concerts!

Is Tory Lanez the quarantine superhero?

For some, Tory Lanez saved them from boredom over the last few weeks with his Quarantine Radio. Although it nearly got shut down completely due to violating Instagram’s nudity policy, Tory was able to convince to giants at IG to keep his show going! 

Tory even got offered a 30-min segment on MTV, and it’s still unclear if he will accept the deal or not. However, Tory is working with YouTube to create “new technology” for live home shows. 

Tory took to IG to make his big announcement!

This is an innovation never been seen before, “where fans can interact with the artist first hand and request favorite songs, change the lighting , personalize how they want it to feel and look.”

He continued to say:

“To all my artist friends! I know this pandemic is prolly messing up your show money and the experience for your fans … AS YALL KNOW I have always been an innovator … Tomorrow for the first time ever me and @youtube are getting together to create a BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR LIVE SHOWS FROM HOME !! / And everything LIVE !!!!”

“hopefully This works tomorrow ! cuz if it does this is HISTORY ! to the fans … U will be able to connect with your favorite artist for songs that u want to hear , or to pin your comment , or to customize anything in the artist set ! THIS IS GOING TO BE ALOT OF FUN !!”

The Canadian rapper is scheduled to set things off tomorrow for the first-ever paid live show on Quarantine Radio! Tory also announced he’s donating a percentage of the proceeds to charity! 

Take a look:


The global crisis disrupted the lives of millions, many people have to work from home, including celebrities who typically make the majority of their salary from performances. Some artists are giving their fans free IG Live shows while others are figuring out other ways to be creative. 

Are you excited about this?