Funk Flex Freestyles
February 28, 2020

G Herbo Spits FIRE in #Freestyle146 with Funk Flex

Freestyle Funk Flex Video
G Herbo Spits FIRE in #Freestyle146 with Funk Flex

Chicago’s very own… Certified Star. Talented BARS smith! G Herbo dropped by for the 3rd time BUT Just as great IF not Greater than the 1st two times. I’m talking BARS! Let’s Stop, Look, & Listen

Ok, the Fur, Boy… Fire, and the BARS, On Point! And YES, We all want to make sure we don’t make the same mistake as 9Trey(#Treyway) and let a sexual positioned named trolling snitch be close enough to take the stand and sink us next to us -_- so good BAR Herbo! Free Melly Free Shotti, Free all the homies(but specifically Melly & Shotti cause that’s the Stuy!!).. but we gotta stop useless crime as well. #WorkSmarterNotHarder