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October 12, 2022

50 Cent Gets Trolled By His Son With A ‘Raising Marquise’ Meme, Social Media Reacts

HOT News
50 Cent Gets Trolled By His Son With A ‘Raising Marquise’ Meme, Social Media Reacts
Marquise Jackson has some more words for his father.
Earlier this week, Marquise called 50 Cent out and said his $6700 monthly child support payments aren’t enough. Fif seemingly responded by posting an episode of Power, where Kanan (played by 50 Cent), killed his son for betraying him. Then Marquise challenged his dad to spend quality time with him instead of paying the child support. Lil Meech from BMF also got involved, sticking up for 50.
In the recent troll post, Marquise shared a poster with a Raising Marquise meme, a play off his dad’s hit series, Raising Kanan. In the caption, he wrote,
“Nahh who made this? [Crying laughing emoji] I’m not stupid I went to private school remember? MY POPS don’t be entitled to your feelings.” He continued,
“Ion need not a dollar from u and If you need me to promote your show just say that. Somebody tell starz I got a story to tell we know what the people wanna see🚦Red Light Green Light 1….2….3😭 #ItsInMyBlood.”
Take a look:
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Social media is divided. Some users think Marquise should let his dad go, while others empathize with him and hope he and 50 can mend their relationship. Other people in the comments want to know why Lil Meech is getting involved while others mentioned he makes valid points. Reactions:
"You can take him outta 50s life but ya can’t take the 50 outta him!"
"The crazy part I think this pettiness is what will bring them back together it’s therapeutic for these 2"
"This boy miss his daddy man."
"Yea y’all fasho related."
"It’s my blood for me 🔥🔥🔥🔥 yeah talk your Talk you you’re daddy son 😍😍😍 you have his whole face start taking advantage of it."