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May 17, 2017

Are You Late to the ‘RompHim’ Party? Twitter is Still Going off w/ the Funniest Memes![PHOTOS]

HOT News
Photo Credit: Giphy
So Black Twitter got a hold of the male romper situation and has created the funniest tweets to discourage men from wearing them.
The ‘RompHIM’ is basically the one-piece outfit that women love to wear but with a zipper in the front for “easy access” and bathroom perks.
Some say Cam Newton was the first to wear the trendy Romhim at Coachella this year….
Check out some of the hilarious tweets below:
If y’all don’t give Mr. Brown his due then this #Romphim and #Romper trend is a farce
— Christopher Howell (@CLloydHowell) May 16, 2017
How you think you look in a romphim vs. how you actually look in a romphim
— Taken Though ! (@cindasmommy) May 16, 2017
Buss that romphim open, and I tell him bring it back
— Luke Thighwalker (@_NurseRatchet) May 16, 2017
Shoutout to Cam Newton #romphim
— Hood Reporter (@bmooresays) May 16, 2017
When ya see ya homie in a romphim
— Butch (@OT50YL) May 16, 2017