April 9, 2018

Aww! Cardi B Makes Remy Ma Cry [PHOTO]

Cardi B
Aww! Cardi B Makes Remy Ma Cry [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

It was a big weekend for Cardi B!

After months of rumors, the artist finally got a chance to share her big news with the world that she was pregnant with her first child, with her fiancee Offset being the father.

While the announcement on Saturday Night Live got a lot of people talking and excited, it was her reaction following the perfomance that touched people’s hearts.

Social media video showed Cardi as she walked backstage following her performance where she gave the honest expression of “I’m finally free.”

Remy Ma took those words to heart, and went on Instagram to share her expression. The two performed together on the Summer Jam stage in 2017.

See her words below.

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I just woke up at 2:45am and saw this video; I’m crying real tears- happy tears. For so many years they made us (women) feel like we had to pretend to be single, pretend to not have a real life, and put our lives on hold to “entertain” the masses. Meanwhile, you feel trapped in your own body, a prisoner to your career, and so unhappy when you supposed to be having the time of your life. @IAmCardiB I am so happy you are free too