March 1, 2019

Celebrities Warning Parents About Dangers Of New Momo Challenge [PHOTO]

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Celebrities Warning Parents About Dangers Of New Momo Challenge [PHOTO]

Photo credit – Pro_Vector/Shutterstock

Every week it seems like there’s a new challenge and while some of them can be fun, others are straight up DANGEROUS!

The latest Momo challenge is targeting children who are on kids YouTube. Reported on a news site, this is how the game goes.

“Children who participate in the challenge contact a creepy stranger – “Momo” – who communicates primarily through the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp. Momo encourages a participant to complete various tasks if they want to avoid being ‘cursed.’ Some of the tasks include self-harm. Ultimately, the game ends with Momo telling the participant to take their own life and record it for social media.”

What’s even more alarming is that the “Momo” can just pop up on your child’s game without them going to it. The Momo voice is also a child’s voice, which can make parents think that their child is playing a nice game when it’s actually not. Some of the tasks in the game require the child to harm themselves or leaving the stove on. Police have issued warnings to parents but adults should be aware of what their children are doing online.


T-Boz took to IG to warn parents. Take a look:…


Tory Lanez took to social media to express how he feels about the challenge. He compared it to the music we listen to today. Check it out:


Here is a news clip talking about the challenge:

Should YouTube do a better job of policing what is put out on their platform? What are your thoughts? No U.S deaths have been reported but hopefully, it doesn’t get to that point.