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January 14, 2023

Congratulations! John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Welcome Third Child

Congratulations! John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Welcome Third Child
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Huge congratulations to John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen.

As reported on TMZ, they welcomed their fourth child. The article says John shared the exciting news during a private performance on Friday, January 13. 

John said, “What a blessed day.” He said he “didn’t get a lot of sleep” but “feels energized” despite being at the hospital all night. 

Chrissy tragically lost their newborn, Jack, in 2020 after being hospitalized. She receive blood transfusions and experienced heavy bleeding. At the time, she said, 

“Jack worked so hard to be a part of our little family, and he will be, forever. To our Jack – I’m so sorry that the first few moments of your life were met with so many complications, that we couldn’t give you the home you needed to survive. We will always love you.”

They have two children, Miles Theodore, 4, and Luna Simone, 6. Last year, the couple told People, their kids are “very excited” about the pregnancy.

Chrissy said, “Since we did IVF, we knew probably nine days after we did the transfer that it had worked and we were pregnant. I told them very, very early.” She continued,

“They knew that I was going in for the transfer, that we were going to go in and put this egg inside Mommy’s belly. So they knew from the very, very beginning, and they knew there was a chance it might not work because that’s happened before.”