June 22, 2017

DAMN: Trey Songz in More Trouble Over Snapchat Vid! [VIDEO]

DAMN: Trey Songz in More Trouble Over Snapchat Vid! [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen – Getty Images

Back in December, Trey Songz was arrested in Detroit after a slight confrontation with the police.

Within that particular timeframe, Trigga posted a Snapchat video of himself saying ‘Fuck the police’ and authorities are now trying to use it against him in COURT!

Treys lawyer came to his defense and claims the video simply embodied the singer referencing N.W.A.’s ‘Fuck Tha Police.’

Your honor, actually, it’s popular rap music from the 1980s made by N.W.A. It’s the lyrics to a song, so what really is the meaning of ‘Fuck the police?….Is it saying that I’m going to punch a police officer five days later in Detroit when I don’t know that I’m going to have contact with the police? It does not, it just simply says, ‘Fuck the police,’ that’s it and nothing more.”

Trey Songz’s next court date will be in September.

Take a look at the footage below:

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