April 19, 2023

Drake’s Thirst Trap Goes Viral, Social Media Reacts

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Drake’s Thirst Trap Goes Viral, Social Media Reacts
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Drake has the internet going crazy.

Champaigne Papi himself shared a picture via his Instagram story in a bath towel and nothing else. He captioned the photo, “5 min cold plunge for the soul” as he seemingly just finished the plunge. “Drake knew what he was doing with that picture lollll” commented one Twitter user, “lord have mercy” comments another.

Drake has recently been making headlines as after the two ‘AI Drake’ songs have been removed by multiple streaming services. The two songs surfaced online and began to go viral on TikTok. One is called “Winters Cold’ and another is titled “Not a Game.”

Drake’s record label, UMG, says “the training of generative AI using our artists’ music (which represents both a breach of our agreements and a violation of copyright law) as well as the availability of infringing content created with generative AI on DSPs, begs the question as to which side of history all stakeholders in the music ecosystem want to be on: the side of artists, fans and human creative expression, or on the side of deep fakes, fraud and denying artists their due compensation.”