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January 3, 2023 - Oumou Fofana

J. Cole Sparks New Music Rumors After Clearing Instagram Page

J. Cole
J. Cole Sparks New Music Rumors After Clearing Instagram Page
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J. Cole fans believe the rapper is preparing to release new music after noticing that he cleared out his Instagram page.

In 2019, the Dreamville founder pulled this same move a few days before he released his hit single “Middle Child,” which appeared on his record label’s third compilation album Revenge of the Dreamers III. J. Cole released his sixth and latest studio The Off-Season in May 2021. He had also revealed on social media that The Off-Season was a part of a series of projects leading up to the release of The Fall Off.

“J. Cole cleared his Instagram and [to be honest] that’s enough to get me excited [until] 2024,” DvrkHumorr tweeted.

Another Twitter user wrote, “J. Cole has cleared his instagram. Is he getting into release mode? Is The Fall Off coming sooner than we think?”

“J. Cole just cleared his instagram. Y’all think he’s gonna drop It’s A Boy on [Jan. 28] this year?” Fytblou asked.

“J. Cole’s Instagram is empty. Time to rise [and] shine,” Tasiasnn wrote.

Boyinrap also asked, “J. Cole has cleared his Instagram could that possibly mean new music?”

“J. Cole has cleared his Instagram. It’s A Boy might finally be dropping. Hoping for a narrative based storytelling project but anything would be nice. What do you want?” ColeCharts tweeted.

Realbonaventure wrote, “J. Cole has cleared his Instagram. I think it’s time! I’m ready.”

He then added, “Every time [Cole] clears his Instagram, there is new music coming. An album to be precise.”

“Looks like J.Cole is about to announce new music or a new album,” another Twitter user wrote.

Surely [J. Cole] deleting everything on his [Instagram] means a new album is on the way?!” RoseAdair141 tweeted.

“J. Cole is pretty used to dropping a [two] week rollout, I think we’ll be starting off 2023 with a new album,” RecordRankings said.