April 22, 2019

Ja Rule Says He’s Done ‘Engaging’ w/ 50 Cent [PHOTO]

50 Cent
Ja Rule Says He’s Done ‘Engaging’ w/ 50 Cent [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

50 Cent and Ja Rule have been engaged in a longstanding beef for almost 20 years.

With the shots becoming evolutionized from personal alteracations, to music, to now social media memes and messages, Ja Rule is finally ready to call it quits.

He said so during a lengthy message on Instagram which included a video from Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“THIS is why me and 50 will NEVER co exist,” he said. “He’s a parasite, a cancer to the culture and our [people]. He comes out with music takes shots at me Kanye etc. Comes out with liquor takes shots at Diddy, comes out with his show [Power], takes shots at Taraji [P. Henson].”

Rule also accused him of being a snitch.

“… Always running his f***ing yuk mouth until the smoke gets thick then you wanna make anonymous calls to the Feds and NYPD talking about you scared for your life.”

Then concluded the message by claiming her will “not be engaging in any more back and forth” with 50 Cent.


The message comes six days after 50 Cent attacked Ja Rule once again on Instagram over his tax issues.


50 is yet to respond to the latest comments.