August 8, 2019

Joe Budden REACTS To Ebro’s REAL Top 50 Rappers List

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Joe Budden REACTS To Ebro’s REAL Top 50 Rappers List
(Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

Ebro and Rosenberg’s top 50 rappers list have been one of the biggest debates in hip hop for the last couple days.

It all began when a random podcast decided to drop a list which included Joe Budden as the third best rapper of all time. The next day, Ebro and Rosenberg responded by making a list of their own live on Ebro in the Morning. 

Budden decided to speak on Ebro’s list on the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast.

“Ebro you are f***in’ nasty,” he said. “You are a nasty f***. But it’s not just you.” Budden then decided to give props to the original list.

“I applaud anyone who takes the time to write down the top 50.”

While Mal and Rory tried to applaud Ebro for writing a top 50 list, he knocked down the hype yet again.

“I ain’t applauding Ebro for seeing the traction that the little known podcast got, and trying to mimic it on the national radio program.”

In case you missed Ebro’s REAL top 50 list take a look below.