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June 10, 2020

List Of Bills Expected To Pass In NY This Week As A Result Of The Worldwide Protests!

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List Of Bills Expected To Pass In NY This Week As A Result Of The Worldwide Protests!

We are living in historic times, fighting a global pandemic and the virus of racism.

The killing of George Floyd on May 25 caused thousands of people from across the globe to protest against police brutality and white supremacy. The protests continue and have put major pressure on companies and politicians to take a stance.

Earlier this week we reported that the former police officer, Derrick Chavin, who had his knee pinned on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, got his bail increased after public pressure. Here’s a list of bills that are expected to pass this week for the same reason!

S.1830C/Hoylman- STAT ActS.2574C/Bailey- Creates the office of special investigations within the office of the attorney generalS.2575B/Bailey- Requires a law enforcement officer or peace officer who discharges his or her weapon under circumstances where a person could be struck by a bullet to immediately report the incident

S.3253A/Parker- Provides a right to record police officers in certain circumstances and provides for civil remedies for failure to adhere to such right

S.3595C/Parker- Creates a Law Enforcement Misconduct Investigative Office

S.6601B/Bailey- Requires medical attention in certain cases for persons under arrest

S.6670B/Benjamin- Establishes the crime of aggravated strangulation

S.8492/Parker- Establishes a civil remedy for non-emergency incidents involving a member of a protected class

S.8493/Parker- Requires the use of body-worn cameras for officers of the New York State Division of Police

S.8495/Benjamin- Prohibits law enforcement officers from using racial and ethnic profiling

S.8496/Bailey- Repeals Section 50-A of the Civil Rights Law; provides for additional standards for the disclosure of certain information under the Freedom of Information Law