September 22, 2018

Mass Appeal Presents HoodCelebrityy “Jamaica Inna Real Life” [PHOTO+VIDEO]

Mass Appeal Presents HoodCelebrityy “Jamaica Inna Real Life” [PHOTO+VIDEO]
(Photo by Taylor Hill/GettyImages)

HoodCelebrityy is one of the hottest artists out right now.

She has a hit single with Walking Trophy and she is featured on Hot 97’s own Megan Ryte’s single On and On, that also features Tory Lanez in which in she performed at this past Summer Jam with Ryte and Lanez.  With the success of these songs, the crazy amount of airplay that they both got, what’s next for the young artist?

Well for Mass Appeal it is a documentary based on HoodCelebrityy’s life. The documentary is “Jamaica Inna Real Life”, and it takes you on journey of what her life was like when she was growing up in Jamaica before moving to the Bronx, how music became a major part of her life, and how her transition from Jamaica to the United States was also a factor in shaping her as female artist in the music industry.

HoodCelebrityy also posted on her Instagram page about this upcoming documentary, see below.…

The documentary can be seen on Mass Appeal’s YouTube Channel.