January 12, 2018

Ouch! Issa Rae CURVED Drake? She Responds! [PHOTO]

Celebrity Drake Issa Rae
Ouch! Issa Rae CURVED Drake? She Responds! [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Hold up!

Did Issa Rae curve Drake at the Golden Globes? That’s the rumor coming out of an afterparty as the rapper was DJing he invited her to another party, but she didn’t join.

According to E! News:

One source says when Drake spotted Issa, he “made his whole group stop so he could go talk to her.” After “he asked her if she wanted to come to the Netflix party with him,” the insider says the actress told Drake “she was with all her friends,” and was like, “‘Thanks, but no thanks!’” The sources says Issa “walked away” and Drake essentially “got denied.”

So what happened?

The Insecure star heard the rumors and it turns out that she is as awkward as her web series Awkward Black Girl might have shown at one point.

She responded with the perfect tweet. Issa was just “fangirling!” Ay it happens.