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December 9, 2022 - Oumou Fofana

R. Kelly Releases ‘I Admit It’ Album While Behind Bars For Sex Crimes

R. Kelly
R. Kelly Releases ‘I Admit It’ Album While Behind Bars For Sex Crimes
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On Friday (Dec. 8), R. Kelly released a new album tilted I Admit It with lyrics addressing the years of sexual and physical abuse allegations made against him. He was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison. He is facing federal charges for producing child pornography and luring minors into sex acts.

The 13-track album features songs titled “I Found Love,” “Where’s Love, When You Need It,” “Good Ole Days,” “I Know You Got a Man (I Don’t Care),” and “Freaky Sensation.” The last song called “I Admit It (I Did It) is broken up into three parts and he reveals all the things he has done in the past. It was originally a full 19-minute track that was uploaded to SoundCloud back in 2018.

The internet had a lot to say about R. Kelly’s surprise album.

“R. Kelly going to a depth of hell they ain’t even create yet. They specifically waiting for him to die to put him there,” a twitter user wrote.

“R. Kelly is a narcissist, a sexual predator, and pedophile….. and still releasing albums…from jail,” OaklandB0rn wrote.

“R.Kelly dropped an album named “I Admit It” while in prison for sex charges and you still see people supporting. Harriet ain’t leave enough of y’all behind,” wrote another Twitter user.

“R. Kelly dropped an album from prison. The last [three] tracks are titled “I Admit it (I Did it)”. In part [two] he says he admits he f**ks [with] the younger ladies but it being pedophilia is [ya’ll] opinions, not fact [and] he shouldn’t be in jail based on [ya’ll] opinions. ELECTRIC CHAIR!!!” _GodHerself tweeted.

Marcgriffin27 tweeted, “R. Kelly dropping an album entitled ‘I Admit It’ is nasty. An album from a rapist and pedo admitting he’s a rapist and pedo, but then questioning whether he’s truly a rapist and pedophile OR if that’s just the public’s opinion?????? GUILLOTINE. IMMEDIATELY.”