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July 10, 2020

Robert Fuller's Death Officially Ruled A Suicide

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Robert Fuller's Death Officially Ruled A Suicide
Last month a report about a black man found dead hanging on a tree sparked a lot of skepticism and concern.
, 24, a black man, was found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, California back on June 10. There were reportedly no signs of a struggle or any signs that Fuller tried to remove the rope from his neck. There was also no surveillance footage.
Initially, authorities ruled his death a suicide, but no official investigation was conducted. Now its officially being ruled a suicide by Los Angeles County medical examiner. During a press conference, LA County Sheriff Commander Chris Marks said,
“The rope and fabric was tied directly to the tree branches, in more than one spot, accessible from only up in the tree. Indicating that the victim was not hoisted into that position.”
reports the FBI alongside the California Department of Justice did a “thorough” investigation. Detectives reportedly found that Fuller had purchased a rope similar to the one used during the incident at a Dollar Tree the month before. During the press conference, Marks also said that family members revealed Fuller was hospitalized for depression, suicidal ideation and received treatment for mental health issues. Marks also said that earlier in the year, Las Vegas detectives responded to a call where Fuller allegedly attempted to set himself on fire.
Online users still have their doubts....take a look:
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