January 15, 2021

Safaree Goes Nuts In Random Places Doing The #JuneBugChallenge!

Safaree Goes Nuts In Random Places Doing The #JuneBugChallenge!

Safaree is on a challenge spree!

Just last week, he partook in his version of the #BussItChallenge, and now he’s back with more. 

Safaree shared on Instagram that being on lockdown due to covid has him bored. He has so much time on his hands, he’s able to do Tik Tok challenges. 

The next dance he decided to dive into is the #JuneBugChallenge. Unlike the #BussItChallenge, which’s intended to be sexier, the Junebug challenge is more silly. The viral dance accumulated over 14 million views on Tik Tok and it encourages people to dip into their sense of humor in various locations, shaking their body. 

Take a look at Safaree taking a stab at it: 

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The challenge was created by an influencer named Junebug who uploaded short clips depicting his new take on the Shmoney Dance starting in December 2020, Distractify reports. According to an Instagram video by The Crankdown, Junebug chose “Beat Box,” a track by Florida-based harmonic trap rapper SpotemGottem to accompany the challenge, the article says.